Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement: Transforming people to lead happy, healthy, balanced lives.


Business Philosophy: My Advantage Fitness will live by our mission to help transform lives into happy, healthy, and well-balanced. My philosophy is through knowledge of how the human body functions in relation to your mind, body, and soul you can improve in any area. In order to feel better, one must have a balance and connection with each element, and at My Advantage Fitness it is the philosophy to treat every individual as the unique person they are and design programs specific to their needs while offering other group programs and a variety of services.

My services will be marketed to the surrounding communities including but not limited to Lancaster, Alden, Akron, Elma, Cheektowaga, East Aurora, Depew, Orchard Park, etc. Specific training is available for personal training, metabolic and sports performance training, nutrition advice, life coaching, group training, and small group classes.

The fitness industry grows larger each day with the rising health concerns. Some short term changes may involve different training “fads” or false diet advice which may impact clientele. Long term changed will be that these fad training methods and diets are typically short lived and that will also impact business with more clients. My style of training will provide a consistent, reliable, educated, and professional staff and services that will continue to seek out those who have been misinformed and get them back on the right path to a healthy life style.



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